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Covid 19


                                                                   To keep everyone safe in these difficult

                                         times I respectively emphasis our Covid - 19 policy.

.  If you/your clients or any third party have specific health concerns, please let us know at the time of booking.

.   If you/your clients require us to wear a mask on site, please ask on arrival or before.

.   We recommend that no-one else should be on the site when we are working.  If this is unavoidable we ask that                 anyone else should respect social distancing for everyone's safety and remain in a different part of the                             home/property while we are there. 

.   Please do not book any other services from another company at the same time.

.   Please advise if anyone at the property is feeling unwell, and we will postpone or cancel the appointment.

.   Please be advised that we retain the right to cancel or reschedule the appointment if anyone associated with                   Eurovision Images feels unsafe because of COVID-19.

We kindly request our customers to have their properties in a ready-to-shoot state at the time of our arrival in support of                     both our COVID-19 protocol and the marketing success for your listing or project.

          Adhering to our checklist before we arrive will help receive the best results for you appointment


                                         I appreciate your understanding and will relax these conditions

                                                               as soon as conditions allow.

                                                      Please contact me with any questions.

                                                                         Thank you


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