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                                                                                      F A Q 

What type of Business is Eurovision Images (EVI) and why is it different from most real estate photography companies?

EVI is not a real estate photography company per se;  most of those concentrate on volume often with a constant staff turnover.  It is a personal business run and operated by Alan Abley who is also a licensed and insured drone pilot at the same time as handling commercial projects.  though an assistant is sometimes involved on commercial projects.  We only look to cover a limited number of real estate projects a week to keep the business personal while offering a complete line of services to the realtor.

How do I see your products and price details?

The link will take you to the website where products can be priced, ordered and bookings made, but of course contact us with any questions before or after completion of transaction.   You can enter a test order before entering any credit card information.Prices are based on property square footage.

A maximum time for the project is indicated and adhered to, as there are often a number of projects scheduled for the same day sometimes some distance away.

How is payment made?

Everything is completed on the booking website.  40% is required at time of booking and products can be downloaded from the same site once full payment is made there by credit card processed securely through Square.


Marketing Material and Property Website

A property website is available together with marketing materials for a

small additional fee; though on occasion this may be offered free in a promotion.

Cancellation policy?

There is a $50 cancellation fee with less than 24 hour notice unless extreme weather is the cause.  A property that isn't ready will be photographed as is,  or a cancellation fee plus any millage fee involved will be charged.  We highly recommend that the agent arrive early at the property to verify that the home is photo ready.

How many photographs do you take?

Our prices are calculated by square footage and not number of photographs.  The goal is to tell the story of the home you're trying to sell and take as many photographs as necessary to do that.  Much depends on the size of home so it could be anywhere between 20-50 images.  You are encouraged when booking to inform us of the photographs you consider particularly important.

What equipment do you use?

We use only professional equipment and off - camera lighting when needed; which is for most photographs.


Do you use HDR?

We don't rely on HDR software as it seldom produces realistic images and is usually very inaccurate with colors.  It's a form often used as a time saver and by those who have little knowledge of lighting, which is a fundamental skill for a professional photographer.   Our photographs are processed in Lightroom and/or Photoshop mostly using natural and artificial light, often using a number of exposures to obtain the most realistic and pleasing images.  This process takes longer but produces results that are realistic.

There are occasions when one exposure is all that’s needed after post processing.  Every situation is different.


Do you retouch images?

We make sure images are color corrected and any dust spots or blemishes remove.   Retouching images is not included but an estimate can be given on any additional work required though it will delay delivery.   Following the Prep. List should make any retouching unnecessary. We also advise that anything not required in the photo be removed.  This enables us to deliver attractive photographs within 24 hours.

Do you stage and move furniture?

No.  Please follow our prep. list as much as possible and do this before we arrive.  We respectfully ask you to help us obtain the best results by giving us space to work. 


How are the images delivered?

They can be downloaded from the booking website once final payment is made there. The full res. images will be accompanied by images resized for the MLS and can be ready to download within 24 hours.  Other products can be downloaded within 48-72 hours depending on the service. 


All pets must be secured be secured in an area not to be photographed or away from the premises.

Should we let you know whats important to photograph and what to leave out?

Absolutely, very important.  In fact on the booking website you will be encouraged to supply all relevant details.  Communication is the key.

Does someone need to be at the property? 

No, actually it's preferred if no-one is there, but if the location is tenant occupied then either the agent or owner must be present.

Who comes to the property to complete the project?

Alan. If someone else has to be assigned instead you will be notified prior to project and given the opportunity to cancel without any fees.

What areas do you cover and do you charge travel fees?

There is no travel fee if within a 20 mile distance of Randolph New Jersey, after that a small millage fee will be applied.  We cover Manhattan and Brooklyn where a sur-charge of $117 is added instead of a travel fee.  You can enter a test order on the booking site where the travel fee will be automatically indicated. 

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