F A Q 


What equipment do you use?

We use only professional equipment including full frame cameras for photographs and off - camera lighting when needed, which is for most photographs.



Do you use HDR?

We don't rely on HDR as it seldom produces realistic images and is usually very inaccurate with colors.  It is a form often used by those who have little knowledge of lighting, which is a fundamental skill for a professional photographer.  Most of our photographs are blended in Photoshop using natural and artificial light, often using a number of exposures to obtain the most realistic and pleasing images.  This is the same method used in the majority of images used by architects, designers, and other commercial projects.  

HDR can be useful, when we use it is as an ingredient, mixed with ambient light and professional lighting.  There are occasions when one exposure is all that’s needed after post processing.  Every situation is different.



Do you retouch images?

We make sure images are color corrected and any dust spots or blemishes remove.   Retouching images is not included but an estimate can be given on any additional work needed.   Following the Prep. List should make any retouching unnecessary. We also advise that anything not required in the photo be removed.



How are the images delivered?

They are delivered via Dropbox in 48 hours.  The full res. images will be accompanied by images resized for the MLS.

Should we let you know whats important to photograph and what to leave out?

Absolutely, very important.