Checklist for Property Owners:

What you should do prior to services commencing. 

Though we would still like permission to tweak and straighten components for composition reasons when needed, given the current situation, it is essential to do as many of the following yourself before the photographer arrives to show the property in the best light.  Thank you for your understanding.

Whole House

  • Open blinds.

  • Turn on lights and lamps.

  • Remove items considered ‘clutter’ such as mail, tissue boxes, keys, remote controllers, and other loose items that you would not want people looking at on the internet

  • Consider packing away personal photographs now. Some small framed prints can make a space look homely, but large photos are something we are often asked to remove.

  • Declutter shelves, windowsills and benches.

  • Hide garbage bins inside and out.


  • Declutter and clean bench-tops.

  • Empty sink, remove dish racks, washing liquid, tea towels etc.

Living spaces

  • Remove any loose unnecessary items – if your children have toys in the living area you may arrange them neatly or place them out of view.


  • Remove day to day items such as shampoo, soap, toothbrushes, toilet brush, any cleaning products, or untidy toilet paper (a neat roll on the dispenser is fine).

  • Check towels – if they look wrinkled, wet, grimy or mis-matched, it is preferable to have no towels.

  • Usually it is better to remove floor mats, so the flooring is visible clearly.

  • Any items you remove from the bathroom can be placed in the hallway just outside the door (unless you have a beautiful hallway that will also be getting photographed).


  • Ensure bedding is neat and tidy – really check that blankets and quilts are neat, that sheets are not hanging down at the side or base of the bed and that pillows are neat and tidy.

  • Also check from the doorway (the most common place where we would set up the camera) to be sure that there are no loose items visible under the bed.

  • Check bedside tables and remove from sight any tissue boxes, remote controls, phones, chargers, digital clocks or any other items that you would not like people to look at on the internet – this can include anything from your reading glasses, your gold watch or your Ventolin inhaler.

  • In a child’s room please ensure toys are either packed away or arranged neatly.


  • Tidy lawns and garden beds.

  • Clear paths and driveways.

  • Hide pet bowls, toys and beds – if you have a dog and you are able to, take them out during the shoot Remove bikes, pool outdoor toys (if you have a trampoline try to move it to a corner of the yard where it will be as out of the way as possible for photos).